Transport funding update - 10 December 2020

We are pleased to announce that the Department for Transport has extended the emergency funding to support lifeline transport links for the Isles of Scilly to March 2021. The initial grant allocation of £6m, provided earlier in the year, has now been increased to £9.7m. 
This grant ensures that a minimum lifeline transport network, which includes services running inter-island as well as between the islands and the mainland, can be maintained.
Robert Francis, Chairman of Council, said: 'it is a great relief to hear that government has recognised the need for continued support for our lifeline transport links over the winter months. The operators of these critical services have done a fantastic job of ensuring services have continued safely throughout the pandemic. I’d like to thank those who have supported the case to government for this additional funding. I must also offer my thanks to the government for taking the time to consider our case and for offering these additional funds which bring huge reassurance to our community at this difficult time.’


Publishing date: 
Tuesday, 8 December, 2020