Waste and recycling update

How we handle waste is a big issue for the islands and lots of work has been done to come up with the best possible solution for everyone. The law around waste has also changed a lot in recent years, so there are increased burdens on the community for the costs of recycling and disposal.

Last year there was a successful project to remove a large portion of the waste that had built up into the ‘Moorwell Alp’. The next stage of work is now almost ready to begin.

The first change that the community will see is the closure of the waste incinerator. This will take place sometime between the end of December and the middle of January.

The next piece of work, which we hope will start in the Spring of 2015, is the redevelopment of the public facing part of the Porthmellon Waste Site. This will become a Household Waste and Recycling Centre (HWRC).

Shortly after the work on the HWRC begins development should start on the other end of the site. This will see the incinerator demolished and the site levelled and reprofiled to create a new working area for the Waste and Recycling Operatives to process the waste and recyclable materials ready to be transported to the mainland.

The path that the waste will take from the islands to its final destination is something that we are currently procuring to ensure we get the best value and service possible. It is likely that the waste we cannot recycle will go to a modern incinerator that turns the waste into energy.

Residents and Businesses won’t start to see big changes to the islands' Waste & Recycling Services immediately but from the Spring 2015 onwards we will be able to start improving how we collect and sort black bag and recyclable waste. It will take a lot of hard work and planning to change the Waste and Recycling services and we will be consulting with the Community during February and March to get everyone’s ideas and feedback on the proposals.

Councillor Steve Sims said: "Everyone I speak to about waste management has a real thirst to get on with the changes, so I get asked: why does it seem to have stalled? It hasn't. A huge amount of work has been done regarding licenses and permits, which is a long and tortuous process. We now have the plans in place but there is still a lot to be done and we will all see significant movement during 2015, and no incinerator."

For more information about Waste and Recycling on the Isles of Scilly please contact Rebecca Steggles by telephone on (01720) 424000 or by email to rsteggles@scilly.gov.uk

For any information about Service and Works Tender Opportunities relating to the Waste and Recycling operations and site works, please visit www.scilly.gov.uk or contact Helen Pearce by telephone on (01720) 424000 or by email to hpearce@scilly.gov.uk

Publishing date: 
Monday, 8 December, 2014