Windows replaced in Tourist Information Centre

Window manufacturers Velfac Ltd visited the islands last week to replace windows damaged during the storms of February 2014 at the Porthcressa Shelter.  This work was funded by the insurance company, at no cost to the Council. Although the glass is toughened and scratch resistant the Council has taken the extra precaution of asking Operational Services to cover the windows in a protective film.  This additional protection already covers half the windows and will be completed when the wind drops sufficiently.

Shutters were considered in the early design phase of the project but discounted as they had previously been used on the old shelter and ripped off during high winds. Inclusion of shutters was therefore considered to be potentially dangerous.

Here are a couple of pictures to remind you how bad the windows looked after the storms compared to how they look today.



Publishing date: 
Monday, 3 November, 2014