Yellow Weather Warning: Wind and Rain 02/10/2020

Met Office Weather Warning 03:00 - 20:00 Friday 2nd October 2020


Our first storm of the season has been named Storm Alex by the French, for a period of – perhaps locally exceptional – intense, persistent and heavy rainfall – along with some strong winds – through Friday, Saturday and to a lesser extent on Sunday – across much of SW England. The heavy rain is going to be the most notable aspect of Storm Alex – due to the forecast of some very wet weather. However, there is a lot of uncertainty around where the very wet weather is going to be and it is currently not expected to fall everywhere – but where it does – it could result in medium impacts.


Currently the rain and wind is expected to bring potentially some LOW impacts, and the very heavy rain a few local MEDIUM impacts – such as: flooding of homes and businesses; hazardous fast flowing/deep water; flood damage to buildings/structures; flooding causing travel, comms and power disruption; and some communities temporarily inaccessible due to flooded access routes.



Publishing date: 
Thursday, 1 October, 2020
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