Planning application: P/15/088

Application for a Certificate of Lawfulness of an Existing Use of the land as an inert and excavation-waste recycling facility.


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Application number: 
Application type: 
Certificate of Lawful Use
Applicant name: 
Mulciber Limited
Site address: 
Pendrathen Quarry, Pendrathen, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly
Applicant address: 
Lunnon Farm, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly, TR21 0NZ
Agent name: 
Mr Christopher Tofts
Agent address: 
Stephens Scown LLP, Osprey House, Malpas Road, Truro, TR1 1UT
Valid date: 
Friday, 16 October, 2015
Decision Date: 
Wednesday, 25 November, 2015
Committee Date: 
Tuesday, 24 November, 2015
PDF icon P-15-088 Application Form492.9 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 Site Plan54.86 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 Location Plan1.79 MB
PDF icon P-15-088 Planning Statement57.67 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 Legal Submission58.46 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 Environment Agency Permit with Schedules358.03 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 Dust Mud and Litter Management Plan419.85 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 Noise Management Plan413.6 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 Site Layout Plan2.45 MB
PDF icon P-15-088 Brief History of Quarry to 2004198.63 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 Detailed History since 2003549.79 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 Ben Hicks528.56 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 Brian Sandford1.28 MB
PDF icon P-15-088 John Eyre574.35 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 Bryan Parr186.12 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 LTR REP Bright362.04 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 LTR REP Kent357.65 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 LTR REP The Pendrathen Preservation Group1.05 MB
PDF icon P-15-088 LTR REP Jude Davis230.82 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 LTR REP Lesley Anne Doyle234.31 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 LTR REP Bright v283.45 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 LTR REP Tugwell533.22 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 LTR REP Osborne363.23 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 LTR REP Lishman380.39 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 LTR REP Wornes264.05 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 LTR REP Hessing v3102.52 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 LTR REP Hessing 493.51 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 LTR REP Littleford499.69 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 Statutory Declaration - D Rogers1.95 MB
PDF icon P-15-088 Invoices BATCH 1 269-N579906.72 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 Invoices Batch 0 143-259294.49 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 Mulciber Ltd_Photographic record of Pendrethen Quarry Activities from 204.94 MB
PDF icon P-15-088 AONB Planning Consultative Panel 10_09_10184.74 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 Chiverton Builders Letter2.81 MB
PDF icon P-15-088 Gravel Crusher 03.03.2007146.02 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 LTR REP Bright 295.24 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 LTR REP Hessing 590.19 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 LTR REP Wornes 2123.04 KB
PDF icon P-15-088 Decision Letter and Schedules114.45 KB