Collection FAQ

Some information about the new collection scheme:

In order to make time and resource efficiencies, the new scheme takes into account length of routes, volumes of waste and the capacity of the collection vehicles, accessibility of the property and the impact of wear and tear on collection vehicles as a result of collecting from properties located away from the highway, on unsealed tracks or at the end of private drives.

- Collection days have been determined by the reorganisation of collection routes into ‘districts’ to save time and fuel.

- Properties that are in areas that cannot be accessed by the large collection vehicle have been allocated a collection day using a smaller collection vehicle.

- Collection locations have been amended to ensure the collection crew can complete the rounds within the available time – all households and businesses now need to present their waste near or at the kerbside so that the crew are not required to walk long distances to collect waste via back alleys or up paths. 

- For several properties this means that we are no longer able to collect from immediately next to the property, but from a collection point on the nearest main road or at a turning point.  This change reduces the manual handling impact on the collection crew, who are required to lift hundreds of sacks every day.

- Properties that are located a long way from the highway have been allocated collection points to reduce the length of the collection round.  This is particularly important for unsealed tracks where the cumulative wear and tear on our collection vehicles is unsustainable.

- Residents who require assistance to present their waste and recycling can apply for an Assisted Collection. The assisted collection scheme is intended to help people who have trouble moving their waste and recycling bins/bags to the kerbside collection point due to ill-health, infirmity or disability. You may be eligible if there is no one living with you over the age of 16 who can help.

- Information has been published to give householders and businesses guidance on where, when and how to present their waste for collection.  This can be found on the Council’s website, facebook page and on noticeboards. 


Frequently asked questions:

 Do we have to recycle? Do we have to put a recycling sack out every week?

Recycling is up to you.   You do not need to place a sack out every week.  Just wait for a sack to fill up and place it out for collection once it has.  You can continue to place you black bag waste out on a weekly basis.

 I’m worried about seagulls, pests or wind scattering my rubbish about?

What can be recycled?

For details of what can or can’t be recycled, leaflets are available from the Customer Hubs at the Wellbeing Centre and Library or at the Town Hall self-service foyer.  You can also find a copy online: here

 Can we get recycling sacks?

Householders have had a roll of 25 sacks delivered to their property.  If you haven’t received yours please let us know.  2 rolls will be issued to households every year.

 Businesses and Non-Domestic Rated properties need to pay for the waste and recycling services.  

The Council offers a pre-paid waste and recycling sack scheme for customers choosing to use the Council’s commercial collection service.  We also accept waste and recycling at Porthmellon Waste & Recycling Centre (fees apply).

 The new collection scheme doesn’t suit my business needs, what can I do?

Although these changes may add a small amount of inconvenience to businesses and households, cumulatively it will have a big positive impact on the collection team and the time and resources it takes to collect from every property on the island, particularly in the busy summer months. By making these changes, we are able to introduce more widespread recycling services and offer an equitable collection service to the community within the limits of our existing resources.

 Some of the most common requests we have received are from commercial customers for whom the commercial collection service we are able to offer does not meet their specific business needs.  This includes collection days that do not fit with change-overs, or collection locations changing to kerbsides which does not suit businesses who have previously stored their waste elsewhere for collection.  While we are able to address some issues within the scope of the collection protocols and service,  we would not able to meet the needs of many of these businesses without impacting on the overall collection rounds to households and other businesses. 

 If the collection service offered does not meet your business needs and you are not able to meet the requirements of the new collection protocol for the Councils commercial waste services we advise customers to contact one of the other commercial waste service providers on the islands.  Local hauliers are registered to carry waste and are often available to offer more specialised and bespoke services.  They can be contacted directly to find out about their services and pricing.  Please note, if you use a different commercial waste service, you would not be required to purchase the Council’s commercial waste sacks. 

 The Waste & Recycling site at Porthmellon is open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons for the acceptance of commercial/business waste for businesses who prefer to take waste or recyclates to the waste site directly. There is a per tonne charge for this service. No commercial sacks are required for this service. Please check if you require a vehicle permit before visiting the site: