Owner Occupied Housing

Can I get financial help to make improvements to my home?

Unfortunately at this time, the Council does not offer Home Improvement Grants.

I’m a Landlord and want to make improvements to a rented property

Unfortunately at this time, the Council does not offer Improvement Grants for rental properties

I am concerned about fire safety in my property?

What if I want help to improve the energy efficiency of my home?

Enquire to environmentalhealth@scilly.gov.uk who can advise you of any relevant schemes available at the current time. 

What if I am affected by disrepair from a neighbouring property?

In most cases this will be a civil dispute between yourself and your neighbour and you will need to make contact with a solicitor if you have been unsuccessful in remedying the situation directly with them.

Environmental Health can provide advice in these circumstances and in extreme cases can act to ensure there are no issues which are prejudicial to health or a nuisance, but we are unable to get involved in the majority of neighbour disputes. For example, we are generally unable to deal with overgrown gardens and damage such as broken fences, etc.