Hiring an open space

Where are the open spaces?

1.      Holgate’s Green

2.      The Park – in front of the Town Hall

3.      The Garrison Field


How do I apply to hire an open space?

1.      Complete the attached application form, read the terms and conditions and sign

2.      Return your form to the Infrastructure Department, Town Hall, St Marys, Isles of Scilly, TR21 0LW or email it to infrastructure@scilly.gov.uk

3.      We aim to confirm your application or ask for further information within five working days. However please note that if you require a road closure as part of your event the process can take up to two months

4.      If you are successful and are closing a road, you will need to contact the emergency services, road carrier services and waste management services to inform them of the times of closure

5.      You will receive your invoice for use of the space after your event


What supporting documents do I need?

1.      Site plan – depicting an accurate map of equipment or stage ect.

2.      Public liability insurance certificate

3.      Risk assessment

4.      Waste management plan

5.      Emergency plan

6.      Traffic management plan

7.      Temporary event notice (if required)

8.      Road closure application (if required)


Do I need a licence?

Some events do require a licence. For more information on the types of licences available please click here.


Please note the release and use of balloons, sky lanterns and non-biodegradable streamers is strictly prohibited on Council land as per the Council’s policy passed in September 2018,  see the attached policy for more information.