Council election results - 6 May 2021

Local Council Election

Following the election held on 6 May 2021, the following votes were cast:

Name Number of votes cast
Anita Heather Bedford 470
Timothy Patrick Dean 491
Robert Dennis Francis 492
Frances Marion Grottick 458
Andrew Stephen Guy 371
Timothy David Jones 272
Daniel Michael Marcus 406
Avril Washington Mumford 518
Michael Anthony Nelhams 367
Alexander Euan Rodger 419
Stephen Mark Sims 419
Stephen John Watt 378
Joel Gordon Williams 490

The following candidates were elected as Members of the Council for St Mary's:

Anita Heather Bedford
Timothy Patrick Dean
Robert Dennis Francis
Frances Marion Grottick
Andrew Stephen Guy
Daniel Michael Marcus
Avril Washington Mumford
Michael Anthony Nelhams
Alexander Euan Rodger
Stephen Mark Sims
Stephen John Watt
Joel Gordon Williams

The following people were elected, without contest, to represent St Agnes, St Martin’s and Tresco, respectively:

St Agnes

Harry Legg

St Martin's

Toby Tobin-Dougan


Robert Dorrien-Smith

The new appointments will begin on Monday 10 May.


No persons were nominated for Bryher. Consequently the Returning Officer is required to order an election to fill the vacancy on a day appointed by him which must be no later than Friday 25 June. A notice of election will be issued in due course.

Police and Crime Commissioner Election

The count for the Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner election is scheduled for Monday, 10 May 2021.


Publishing date: 
Friday, 7 May, 2021