Housing Benefits

Housing Benefit

(sometimes referred to as Rent Rebate)

If you are on a low income or receiving a state welfare benefit you may be entitled to Housing Benefit to help pay your rent, either all or part of it. you will need to complete a Housing Benefit claim form for this to be assessed. You can pick up a Housing Benefit claim form by contacting the Benefits Section on 01720 424 029 or from Reception at the Town Hall. If you experience any problems completing the form or require any further advice please contact the Reception at the Town Hall on 0300 1234 105 option 5 where assistance will be given.

Please note it is your responsibility to get a claim registered with the Housing Benefit Department. Any delay may result in a period where full rent is payable.

Increases in Rent Charges 

Your rent is normally reviewed at the beginning of each financial year. When your rent or other elements of your rental charge change we will write to you at least four weeks before the new charge is due.

Where Rent Arrears Accrue

Despite a wide range of payment options, rent accounts can get into arrears.

We take a firm but fair approach when dealing with rent arrears in that:

We will not tolerate regular defaulters and will take appropriate legal action against those who deliberately do not pay. However, in cases of genuine hardship we will do our best to help tenants resolve their financial difficulties.

Every effort will be made to ensure debt is addressed early and that appropriate advice and counselling is provided the Housing department or in cases of multiple debt, independent debt counselling experts at the Citizens Advice Bureau.

If you are unable to make rent payments for any reason please contact the Housing Department immediately. If rent payments are missed, arrears increase quickly and can become difficult to clear.

Independent advice and debt counselling is available from the Citizens Advice Bureau who are available at Park House on the first Monday of every month.