Fees and charges

Fees and charges for St Mary's Airport are set annually by the Council of the Isles of Scilly. You can find the latest fees and charges plus our terms and conditions in the attached documents.

About the 2019-20 increase in fees and charges

Commercial fees and charges at St Mary’s Airport will increase by 10% from April 2019, which in relation to the Passenger Load Supplement equates to a cost of 98p per passenger.

As an incentive to increase passenger numbers, a 7% reduction will be applied to flights once 95,000 passenger journeys have been recorded. This reduction will apply only to commercial fees and charges for flights made after the 95,000 target has been met and for the remainder of the 2019/20 year.

St Mary’s Airport needs to be financially self-supporting and must generate sufficient surplus to ensure funds are available to make necessary improvements and ensure it remains safe and compliant with civil aviation requirements and legislation. Most income for the Airport comes from commercial flights and is therefore related to the number of passengers. The financial challenges for the Airport have intensified in recent years following a significant decline in passengers, whilst operational costs have steadily increased to meet the safety requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority & European Agency Safety Agency.

You can read the full council report proposing the 2019-20 fees and charges at the following link:

Airport Commercial Fees and Charges for 2019/20