General Aviation & PPR

St. Mary's requires all pilots of GA aircraft intending to visit the islands to telephone (01720 424335) to make a Prior Permission Request (PPR). Alternatively download and complete the PPR form on this page, email it to and telephone to confirm receipt. On the day of the visit telephone for the weather and advise ATC of the airport of departure, a contact name and number and the aircraft's ETA at St. Mary's.

Aircraft visiting from outside Great Britain will be required to submit a Customs and Excise General Aviation Report (GAR) document a minimum of 12 hours prior to arrival/departing from/ to: Northern Ireland, Isles of Man, Republic of Ireland & The Channel Islands, and 24 hours prior to arrival/departure from/to non EU destinations. For flights inbound from mainland EU airports, the document should be submitted 4 hours prior to arrival, with no requirement to submit the document for outbound flights to mainland EU airports. The GAR report should be emailed to

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The Airfield

The ARP (at intersection of the runways) is 49 54 48 N 006 17 30 W, elevation 116 ft.

Pilots should exercise caution when landing or taking-off as the gradients increase to as much as 1:33 at runway ends. Pilots who have not visited previously are advised to request a low approach and go around to observe and assess the runway profiles and possible wind shear/turbulence.

A perimeter road runs around the Northern part of the aerodrome and vehicular traffic crosses the approaches to runway 14 under the control of traffic lights. A footpath controlled by traffic lights crosses the turning circle of runway 32.

Runway 14-32 is 23 metres wide, tarmac with PAPI lights. (Declared distances can be found in the UKAIP Aerodrome Section AD 2 EGHE -4).

Runway 09-27 is 18 metres wide, tarmac with PAPI lights. (Declared distances can be found in the UKAIP Aerodrome Section AD 2 EGHE -4).

All runway edge and runway end lights fitted.

There are no hangarage or engineering facilities for visiting aircraft. All aircraft will be parked on the grass, on the north side of Runway 14 and when proceeding to the runway will do so via the perimeter road and not the runway.

Pilots are to contact Lands End Tower frequency 120.255 before entering the Lands End Corridor when inbound to St. Mary's.

Visual Reference Points

Pendeen Lighthouse

50 09-92 N

005 40-32 W

St. Martin's Head (red and white day mark)

49 58-05 N

006 15-95 W

St Mary's Tower and Approach Radio Frequency

124.880 Mhz

Basic and procedural service available.


The NDB normally radiates 24hrs. on Frequency 321Khz. with Ident STM, the published range is 15Nm.

Traffic Service and Deconfliction Service are available from:

Newquay Radar


Culdrose Radar


Opening Hours

Season Days Times
Summer Monday to Saturday 0800 - 1830
Winter Monday to Friday

0815 - 1215

1315 - 1730


0815 to 1215

Or as per NOTAM

The Airport is closed on a Sunday. The visiting GA departure slot is withdrawn until further notice pending a review of procedures and legal documentation in 2021.


To ensure continued protection of our small team against Covid-19, no visitors are allowed to Air Traffic Control. Credit/Debit card payments only accepted via telephone as follows:

Mon-Fri 0300 1234 105 (option 5)

Sat 01720 424569

For fees and charges click here.


There is no fuel available.


Contact the Tourist Information Centre.