Commercial Recycling

The council will collect your dry mixed recycling sacks on the same day as your commercial waste. You will need to purchase commercial recycling sacks the same way as you would do for the refuse sacks. For more information on the commercial sacks check out the link below:


Commercial Sacks


What can you include in your Commercial ​recycling sacks?

The council runs a Mixed Recycling ​program. This means that all of the recycling materials stated below can be placed in one sack for collection. ​ Please make sure that everything is cleaned and dried before it is placed in teh recycling sacks. The recycling material must be placed inside the sack with the sack tied at the top. Any over-sized 'side' items will not be collected. Any sacks which do not meet requirements will not​ be collected. below is a list of items that can ​be recyled. 

What about recycling material which the council cannot collect? 

For commercial recycling that cannot be be collected by the council it can be taken to the Porthmellon Waste & Recycling Site. Please note there are charges that apply for the disposal of commercial waste. Anyone wishing to dispose of commercial waste and recycling will require a vehicle permit. 

How do I purchase commercial recycling sacks? 

For information on how to purchase the commercial recycling sacks please see the link below: 


Commercial Recycling Sacks