Household Waste Charges and Restrictions

 Household Charges

Item Description

Fee 2024/2025

(01/04/2024 - 31/03/2025)


Car Battery (per item)



Marine Craft - per tonne



Reusable Seagull Proof Sack         £6.00  
Asbestos sacks (x2)         £4.74  
1 tonne waste sack         £4.33         
2 tonne waste sack         £10.33  
Collection of Large Electrical Items (per item)          £9.00  

Due to new Government legislation, as of 31st December 2023 there will no longer be a charge for the disposal of household DIY waste. This is defined as any waste produced at a domestic property, by the occupiers, from carrying out their own construction or demolition work, including preparatory works. Household DIY waste which is accepted at our waste sites includes:

  • Rubble
  • Timber
  • Bricks
  • Paints*
  • Plasterboard
  • Asbestos**

*We can accept empty paint tins, gloss and enamel paint. Any water based paint must be hardened off before disposal, we cannot accept it in liquid form.  

**Asbestos must be sealed and double-bagged. More information is available on our clinical and hazardous waste webpage.

Alongside the changes in fees there are conditions relating to the disposal of this waste. The amount of waste disposed of per day must be either:

  • less than 100 litres and capable of fitting into 4 x 25 litre bags, or
  • a single article of waste no larger than 2000mm x 750mm x 700mm in size

You may book up to 4 visits to dispose of household DIY waste in any four-week period.

These conditions will be in place at all of our waste sites.

This does not include any waste produced by a tradesperson you have hired to carry out works on your property. Any waste they produce is classed as business waste. Your tradesperson is responsible for removing the waste and disposing of it correctly. Before you hire a contractor:

  • Find out how they plan to recycle of dispose of waste
  • Make sure disposal costs are included in their quote

If you are planning a project that creates a lot of waste, do your best to reduce and reuse as much as possible.

If a haulier or contractor disposes of your waste on your behalf, commercial fees and charges will apply. 

Bookings and Permits

Please be aware that you will be required to book a site visit and any incurred fees must be paid for before you visit the site. Waste declared at the time of booking must match what is being disposed of. Bookings can be made via, at our Customer Hubs, (St Marys’ Library or Carn Gwaval Wellbeing Centre), or over the phone on 01720 424450.

Payments can only be made with our Customer Hub team, either in person or over the phone on 01720 424400.

You will need to apply for a Temporary Vehicle Permit if you need to dispose of any Household Waste & Recycling, using a commercial vehicle or trailer over 4ft. For more information please see our Temporary Vehicle Permit page.