Off Island Commercial Waste

The Council manages commercial waste and recycling on St Agnes, Bryher and St Martin's through off-island waste management contracts. All the off island sites, except for St Martin's which benefits from a kerbside collection service, operate a on a bring-site basis where material is brought to a central site for processing and onward shipment to St Marys. 

As the Council does not recieve income for the processing, transportation and disposal of commercial waste it is vital that producers of commercial waste ensure that payment is made to cover these costs.

Off Island Fees and Charges for the Disposal of Commercial Waste 

Commercial Waste & Recycling Sacks (for all businesses and NDR properties)

Click here to download a PDF of our waste and reycling guidance. 

What do i include in my commercial recycling sack?


All items must be clean & dry and free from contaminants such as food, and glitter.

  • Paper
  • Card
  • Plastic bottles
  • Plastic pots, tubs & trays
  • Household metals (aerosols, tin foil, tin cans).



  • Glass bottles & jars (we recycle these locally and so need to be taken to a bottle bank)
  • Paper of card with glue, glitter, embellishments or ribbons
  • Drink cartons
  • Tetra Pak 
  • Water filters 
  • Coffee pods
  • Pet food pouches
  • Baby food pouches
  • Plastic film & wrapping

If you put items in your recycling that we can’t accept, all the recycling may be rejected.

What do I include in my residual commercial waste sacks?

Please put all non-recyclable items in your grey commercial waste sack i.e. food waste, soiled products, nappies, sanitary, plastic films and wrapping.

Your commercial waste sacks should not contain any bulky, hazardous or electrical waste.