How can you help or get involved?

Community Emergency Plans

‘Emergencies happen. Local emergency responders will always have to prioritise those in greatest need during an emergency, especially where life is in danger. There will be times when you may be affected by an emergency but your life is not in danger. During this time, you need to know how to help yourself and those around you. By becoming more resilient, you and your community can complement the work of the local emergency responders and reduce the impact of an emergency on your community both in the short and long term.’


The Council of the Isles of Scilly would like to offer the off island communities the opportunity and support in writing their own community emergency plan. If you would be interested in getting involved please contact the emergency planning team at or call 01720 424450. We will be arranging a member of the resilience and emergency planning department for Cornwall Council to visit each island to help support the group in putting together their plan very soon.  


For more information on what community emergency plans follow the link below.


GoodSAM App

This app alerts staff and trained responders to life threatening emergencies in their area. There are currently over 40,000 responders that regularly use the app. You can join GoodSAM if you are First Aid trained.

When you receive an alert you can either accept or decline. If you do reject the next nearest responder will be contacted. If you accept the app will give you directions and information about the person you will be attending.

GoodSAM shows where your nearest registered defibrillators are, and how and when they are available. Debrillators can also be registered through the app.

For more information please visit