Preventing Foodborne Illness

The following information will help give you details on how to prevent food poisoning in the home. Click on each heading to be taken to the Food Standards Agency website for more detailed information on each subject.

Use by and best before dates

Do you know the difference between use by and best before dates? Use our quick tips to save money, make time and reduce waste by eating, cooking or freezing food by its use by date.

Advice on food safety and reusable shopping bags

Good hygiene practices apply not only at home, but also when you’re shopping for food. Follow our advice to reduce the risk of cross-contamination when using re-usable shopping bags, such as standard plastic carrier bags and bags for life.

How to barbecue safely

If you want to serve up a sensational barbecue that also helps keep your family and friends safe, take the following simple steps to avoid food poisoning bugs.

Keeping food safe at a picnic

When taking food outdoors, it’s easy to let your usual practises slip. The time between preparing dishes and eating them tends to be longer than normal and food can become unsafe to eat if left out for more than two hours. So plan ahead to keep your food cool until you’re ready to eat, and follow our tips to keep food safe when out and about this summer.

Cooking burgers at home

Burgers prepared at home should always be cooked thoroughly until steaming hot, and not served rare or pink because harmful bacteria can be present in the middle of the burger and cause food poisoning.