Verification Number for Governance Petition

The Local Government Act 2000 provides that electors in the Council’s area can petition the Council to hold a referendum on whether it should change to a different form of governance. Such a petition must be signed by at least 5% of local government electors in the Council’s area.

Each February the Proper Officer of the Council is required to publish the figure which represents 5% of local government electors at that time. This is referred to as the Verification Number.

The Verification Number for Feb 2023 is 80 electors.

The Verification Number for Feb 2022 was also 80 electors.

The Verification Number of 80 electors will have effect for the purpose of determining the validity of petitions presented up to 31 Mar 2024 (unless the Verification Number for Feb 2024 is lower than 80, in which case the lower number will come into effect as soon as it is published).