Statutory Nuisance

As a Local Authority the Council of the Isles of Scilly has a duty to inspect their area from time to time to detect whether or not there are any current statutory nuisances. As part of this the Council must also take responsible steps to investigate any reports of statutory nuisance from any person/people living in the area.

What is a Statutory Nuisance?

A statutory nuisance can be defined as any of the following under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 as long as they have been assessed by an Environmental Health Practitioner as being “prejudicial to health or a nuisance”.

  • Any premises in such a state.
  • Smoke/ noise/ artificial light emitted from a premises.
  • Fumes or gases emitted from a private dwelling.
  • Noise emitted from or caused by a vehicle, equipment or machinery in the street.
  • Any insect emanating from relevant industrial, trade or business premises.
  • Any animal kept in such a way.
  • Any dust, smell or steam or other effluvia arising on industrial, business or trade premises.

If you wish to report a statutory nuisance then please contact the Environmental Health team at