Pest control

Environmental Health Pest Control Service

The Environmental Health team will continue to offer the following service with regard to rodents and insect pest infestation:

  • Give verbal advice by telephone to requests for service in the treatment of rat or mouse infestation.
  • On request the Environmental Health team can give practical advice on treatments during visits to residential properties affected by rat or mouse infestation.
  • Deal with rat, mouse or insect infestation which may originate in a property or land and affect other residential properties. Take action to remedy as necessary.
  • Identify insect pests when required and give information on treatments to eradicate insect infestation.

The local authority is not legally required to provide a pest control service; however, under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949 it is required to ensure, as far as practicable, that the district is kept free from rats and mice. The local authority must keep its own land, and other land that it occupies, free from rats and mice. It is also required to ensure that other owners and occupiers of land comply with their similar duties under the Act and, in addition, that they inform the local authority in writing if it comes to their knowledge that rats or mice are living on or resorting to their land in substantial numbers. (NB. This does not apply to agricultural land).

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