Statement of Accounts, Annual Governance Statement and Audit

Statement of Accounts

The Council approved its Statement of Accounts for 2018/19 at its meeting of 25 July 2019. At the time of approval the audit of the accounts was entering its final stages and no material adjustments to the accounts were expected. However, the finalisation of the audit and the focus on remaining high risk areas could still result in further amendments to the accounts, particularly in terms of disclosures and presentation. Should any material amendments to the accounts be required as part of the audit finalisation then the accounts would be taken back to the Council for re-approval.


Each year, local authorities have a duty to publish the annual statement of accounts and the annual governance statement by 31 May.

The purpose of the statement of accounts is to inform interested parties of the Council's finances and includes such information as the Council's assets and liabilities at the end of the financial year, the cost of the services provided by the Council and the way in which these services were financed.

Annual Governance Statement

The annual governance statement is a statutory document which explains the processes and procedures in place to enable the council to carry out its functions effectively.

The statement is produced following a review of the council's governance arrangements and includes an action plan to address any significant governance issues identified.

Audit Letters

Set out the auditors view of the Statement of Accounts, governance and value for money.

You may download our annual Statements of Account and the Audit Findings Letter / Annual Governance Reports from the links on this page.